A sad story

  Actually I have established a website to write blog a few months ago. And I have written some interesting and meaningful articles which recorded what I have learned and what I wanted to share with you guys. Although I didn't share the website to many other people, I still often record things on it.

  Well, actually, the reason why I'm writing the "story" in this page called "about me" is that I did a wrong thing when I tried to move my blog to another domain name. As for the details, I would talk in my article page. In short, all of my previous data including articles, user's database have destroyed in just a second. I have no idea to redeem since it meant all of my efforts were in vain.

  However, I plan to start all over again. Hope I will re-nerve soon.

  Thus, before starting, I write this "sad story" here, and as a lesson I learned in order to avoid such a thing in the future. Also, if you have had a similar mistake just remember, stand up and go ahead; If not, just read it as a joke, it's really fun, isn't it?

  There's still a long way to go, just go ahead for your, for our dreams.

About me

  I'm Carlos, from Anhui Province China. I was born in Oct.18 2000.

  I'm an SCUer now, that is I'm studying in Sichuan University now. And I major in IE(Industrial Engineering).

  I like programming, since when I'm programming, it's like I'm creating life, which makes me excited. And I like to explore and learn new knowledge. So far, I have learned basic knowledge in C, python, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, Spring boot and Android

  In the future, I'm likely to change my major to CS or SE to pursue my interest and dream. If you have a similar interest or you have an exquisite technology or you want to learn something about programming, you can contact me any time with the info I put in the homepage. I will reply you right away when I get your message.